Carby carby problem?

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    this may have already been posted if so im sorry but theres soooooo many pages here, and as a parent with a 2 year kid time is rare:rolleyes7:

    my problem is my chinese 50cc 2 stroke goes really well then all of a sudden itll start losing power and stop running completely:poop: and takes ages to restart iv noticed the nt carb starts to leak heaps of fuel. ill turn the fuel tap off. this happens hot or cold. and also when i slow down any ideas will be greatly appreciated asap thanks:dunce:

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    well i checked the float level and low and behold i saw tthe tickler button pin was touching the float causing it to sit crooked instead of flush with the tangs of the float arm. i removed the tickler and put in a suitable screw to seal up the hole. put the carbie together and back on the motor turned on the fuel waited 5 minutes and it wasnt leaking.
    i drained the fuel bowl and there was plenty of fuel, i then let the bowl fill again checked leaks (none) success!!!!!!! i also tightened the jet that was only in finger tight

    i started it and it fired up well (idle a little high) turned it down, and now it idles lower than before and its not stalling now:)
    i rode around my yard and it warmed up and didnt cut out once.
    so this begs the question, was it flooding due to the tickler touching the float all the time? it seemed like the only fault with the carb i hope so :)
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    My bet is the float height is set sooo high that the float was touching the tickler. That or the tickler shaft was made too long to begin with. Good quality control is not really what the Chinese factories are known for.
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    the float height seems ok at about 21mm and yes the tickler was too long. i took it out because it dosent need to get used, also took the choke out because its useless to me. now ive got a good range of revs and it goes at least 6 kmh quicker :idea: now thats sorted i might tinker with the needle (older style 4 groove) and see what happens the moment its at the top. hmmm might even get better economy with the right setting!!!!

    the reason the choke got taken out was because i kept knocking it with my knee and choking engine.
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    with that tickler hitting the float be prepared and have a spare float on hand..... Trust me.....
    Or even just a new carb,
    BoyGoFast on ebay has carbs for $20 shipped on e-bay

    Their service is 50/50 but fair price, i just got carb in 2 days, but my 3 Cdi boxes took over 2 weeks
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    so far ive done 200kms since the repair and its never gone better. good on fuel climbs hills at 35 kmh the float is fine and when it does fail im putting a delorto(sorry bout the spelling :ack2:) on it its now my primary mode of transport for work and its been so reliable with the correct amount of maintenance,+ daily checks