Cast 5 or 6 spoke wheels ?

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  1. Luka

    Luka Member

    I've read enough discussion about wheel problems here, to be concerned.

    Spoke breakage seems to be common.

    Has anyone used those cast aluminum or nylon 5 or 6 spoke wheels ?

    What was your experience ?

    Are they better/worse than regular spoked wheels ?

    Do they even make them in 26 inch size ?

  2. loquin

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    I've never found the nylon/resin/plastic wheels on anything larger than 24 inch. When I sent an email to the company making 24 inch resin wheels, asking about the possibility of 26 inch / 2.125 resin wheels, the reply was 'It will never happen.' Rather unfriendly, I thought at the time.

    The cast wheels show up on ebay fairly regularly. There's some concern re the durability of them, though, especially at the higher average speeds that we can achieve. They don't recommend them for mountain biking, or for any sort of jumping, for instance. Plus, if you get a broken spoke, you can always replace it & re-true. If you get a broken cast wheel, you replace the entire wheel, and you'll possibly be stranded.
  3. MotoMagz

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    I have the spoked wheels and they come with sealed bearings spin great and are way smoother than any wheels I've had.As long as you don't plan on doing a 3 meter drop there are fine.Motomagz

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  4. DetonatorTuning

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    IF, you really WANT composite mags in 26" they are available from TAG Wheels, they have C/F too if you have serious $$$$$$$.

  5. Luka

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    I just read reviews of the TAG wheels.

    People have intentionally beat those things in ways that would have totaled other rims/wheels.

    Not a scratch or dent.

    They look great.

    But 800 to 1200 dollars ?

    I think I'll wait until their price returns to the real world...

    I can buy a LOT of spokes and such, for that price...
  6. DetonatorTuning

    DetonatorTuning Active Member

    you could look at Aerospoke too.

    most people have the same initial reaction to the price of wheels of this type. in my case i require a set of wheels that are engineered to about 1000% above my intended use level.

    you can get a pair of TAG's for $638.00 complete. as for them getting much cheaper, knowing what i do about what it takes to produce wheels like this, it won't be anytime soon.

    if you price the hubs they are using you'll find the wheels themselves are around $100.00

    it's all preverence and compromises.

  7. loquin

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    Or, hit a pothole at 30 MPH!

    Dropping 3 M and you're moving 19.7 ft/sec. Traveling at 30 MPH and it's 44 ft./sec. Either way, there's a LOT of force when you hit something.
  8. MotoMagz

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    I agree thats alot of force on any wheel.The seller says the 10mm axle can't handle it and I'm sure the mag would be right with the the trash.MotoMagz