Central Mississippi: Not So Good News

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    Well, still ruminating over whether or not to order my GEBE kit, I saw our little burg's ex-police chief coming out of a hardware store three days ago and struck up a friendly conversation with him...and guess what... he, too, is quite interested in doing a motored bike. He knows nothing about Motoredbikes.com, saying he saw one in Popular Mechanics.

    Greatly encouraged by our new comaraderie, I asked what the Police Department thought about the vehicles and he called the present chief right there on the spot, since I didn't have the guts to do it myself. The answer was not encouraging...the chief said it is the same as a motorcycle, requiring the same equipment, registration, and whatever because it's a "motorized vehicle."

    I am one house from the city limits sign... a friend of mine is a sheriff's deputy. She said she wouldn't stop me in the county. However, I am not sure I'll motorize if I can't have peace about city streets...that's really where I would like to ride.

    Guess I can only hope the fuel crisis will cause legislatures to cut cycles some slack eventually. Hope so. Just wanted to share this 'encounter with the law'! :)


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    Umeboshi, you live in the single most backward state in the union as regards bicycle and/or motorcycle law. Mississippi has NO legal definition of a bicycle, let alone a motorized bicycle - so by default, the motorcycle definition applies. Given that, minimum operators age is 17, it requires a motorcycle endorsement on a Class R motor vehicle operators license, headlights are required, helmets are required, insurance is required, etc. Oddly enough, no muffler is required, nor is a title required.

    Good luck.
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    "Umeboshi, you live in the single most backward state in the union...."

    We're in the union? I thought we were a territory! :)

    Hey... I'm movin' to Shreveport where I can really bike!

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    You might gather some simple (get the parts you like) Fed laws that spell it out easy -- then approach the Cheif.. I have family down you way -- wouldn't be good to show him laws from other states -- especially from NY or Calif !!! Mountainman
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    What do you do for a living? S'port ain't difficult to find work in, and as it happens a downstairs apt in my building is coming vacant first of August. Make ready will take about 2 weeks, then it will be available. Dunno what the rent will be (probably around $400/month), but it's a two bedroom, roomy, with high ceilings.

    As far as I can tell, Mississippi is unique, in having an anarcho-syndicalist state government, with the emphasis being on the anarchy part.
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    MountainMan... I have been meaning to ask you guys for some help on the Fed laws...I have not seen any posted here, but maybe I haven't been looking in the right places.

    Fed laws don't really trump local attitudes, do they? What sway do they have with a local city judge? Or a policeman? What good are they, by the way, if they don't have local clout?? Comments appreciated.

    Simon, I'm a retired school teacher since 04 and really am pretty content here in this burg of 5000...except I would like the freedom to ride a motored bike! :) But thanks for the heads-up on the apartment.

    I have seriously considered buying a cotton pickin' motorcycle that'll keep up with traffic on the highway. Maybe I'm gettin nutty in my old age. :smile:

    Regards, umeboshi

    ps. I do have good relationship with the city attorney here, the guy who would take me to the cleaners in court. Maybe I should discuss the motored bike issue with him, federal laws and all....hummm.
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    umeboshi -- good thought - attorney may be able to set the path. My comments up above - don't get me wrong - the little Lady and I love it down South - we have a lot of good family down there - where else can a person buy a large house with a quest house on one BIG lake for 300 thousand dollars -- cost of that same house here in San Diego aprox 2 million. The Fed laws are easy to find on the internet - I found them with this slow dial up computer. Here on this site try looking under laws and legislation. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    You're right. We don't make a lot down here... but we don't have to spend a lot either! :)