centrifgaual clutch

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    Hi, I bought a centrifgal clutch for my SD Stinger 80cc motor and I installed the clutch o.k. But the new case is not deep enough to fit against the motor due to the clutch guide pins hitting the case. There is about a 1/4 of an inch gap between the case and the motor. I left the old clutch in so I could pull start the engine. Has anyone had this problem?

    mackie4 thanks...

  2. POPS

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    Hi Mack

    Just grind the clutch pins flush to the plate and you

    should be good to go...POPS
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    Both my centrifugal clutch installs required me to hacksaw the pins flush. Worked great after that.
  4. mackie4

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    Thanks, I guess I will try that....it can not hurt anything. It just does not look like I have enough to take off...on the old clutch...
    Thanks again for the response...Mackie4
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    Go to zoombicycles.com and in the parts go to cent. clutch.

    There you will find a link on install inst....POPS
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    centrifgual clutch

    I did greind down the pins and it just clears so I'm good to go...

    Thanks Mackie4
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    Thanks, lot's of info and yes their was a manual on centrifgal clutch install.
    Very helpfull, nice site... Mackie4