Centrifugal clutch for Starfire?

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  1. bughuggger

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    I just looked at Connecticut laws. Apparently I have to have an automatic transmission, darn, right when I was starting to like my motored-bike. Why can they add this law on when it will outphase hundreds of already purchased products? Can I get a centrifugal clutch for it or do I have to buy a skyhawk?

  2. yes you can get a centrifugal clutch for your starfire.
  3. emdude

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    I know you can get a centrifugal clutch for the China Girl style engine, I've looked at this myself simply to make it easier (possible) for my teen age girls to ride the MB.

    But I find it hard to imagine that a law this specific would be introduced. If you have a link I'd like to see it.

    Also I can hardly imagine the cops pulling every MB over to chack for a an automatic clutch.
  4. bughuggger

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    Scroll down to connecticut.

    Why do you call it a China girl engine? I'm thinking of getting a sick bike parts expansion muffler and then a 56 tooth gear. Then I'll be able, presumably, to haul 300lbs up hill.
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    Thanks for that, but these are moped laws, not motorized bicycle laws. Did I miss something?
    MB's (motorized bicycles) are pretty much left alone here in Arizona. No license, registration or insurance, just have to be 15 and the engine no larger than 49 cc or so. But who's going to tell.

    As to China Girl: It's a fairly common term used to describe the frame mounted two stroke. You'll see it lots on this forum.