Centrifugal centrifugal clutch stuck in motor mode no neutral


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Jul 9, 2008
:confused: well here is what happened I took my bike on a 7 mile trip one I have taken alot and when I got there my manual clutch did not work no nutral the only reason my bike was still running was the centrifugal clutch was still working. I allwas rode my bike like there was no centrifugal clutch useing the manual clutch at every stop. since I do not understand how the clutch works I can't track down the problem. I took off the centrifugal clutch to get to the manual one and plate pushes off with clutch arm fine pads are a bit worn but ok and spring under plate is fine. maybe if I knew a bit more about how the clutch worked I could track down the problem. I know that the plate pressing down on the pads grabs but the plat is atached to the weel that is attached to the gear on the centrifugal clutch that is attached to the crank shaft so I don't understand how the clutch plate grabing makes the weel spin when the crank shaft is allready attached to it lololololol can someone explain in detail how this works and give me some idea ( SRY about spelling) what to look for thanks
O ya its a HT 66cc
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Start with the clutch arm on the left side of the bike. If you push the arm
all the way in manually tward center and push the bike what happens? Did the clutch cable loosen at
the arm, so when you pull the clutch in the cable dosen't pull the arm inward far enough?


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yes I have pushed clutch lever by had all the way in and still no nutral. clutch lever feels normal. I think maybe someting broke inside the motor caseing but im not sure how to take it all apart :(:eek:
Is your clutch cable worn out
Mine ate through the plastic liner soon after I started using it .
A Wall Mart replacement cable fixed the problem.
Move your clutch arm with your hand or a pair of vicegrips..
Does your clutch disengage?
I didn't know you could have the centrifugal clutch AND a manual clutch!
I ordered a centrifugal clutch kit and recoil start to go along with my HT engine. The clutch kit specifically stated there were no instructions, and the end user had to figure everything out on his own. But looking at the picture, it looked like the big gear with the clutch pads gets replaced with the centrifugal clutch assy and the manual clutch was removed. Since I don't have my kits yet, I'm not sure how this works,but I guess I'll find out! I bought the recoil start figuring that would be the only way to start the engine because of the loss of the manual clutch for bump starting. Oh well.....
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no spade4me its not the cable. Allready made sure of that. thanks tho :) allso forgot to mention during that ride at one piont it sounded like I ran over a peace of spring steel but looked back and seen nothing. Arceeguy you will still have use of maual clutch and can still pedal start it too :)
I think this might be it


these two plates are they ment to move freely from each other mine do not?

took the whole thing off holding it in my hand and they will not turn freely from each other could this be it I hope so easy to fix i think do they come apart from each other?:)
ok fixed it

well that was it. I had anouther motor an 80cc in my garage that just wont start so I took the flyweel off that one and used it on my 66cc it was just a little loose on the shaft but worked and now im riding again. Not sure what went wrong to freeze up the other one I will try to get it apart and see what went wrong. Do you think it was becuz I clutched it like normal? any ideas would be helpfull thanks to every one who replyed also I hope this post helps someone having same problem :eek::D:D:D:rolleyes:
I'm glad you found out what the problem was! I will make sure that those two parts move freely within each other.

I just got my HT engine with centrifugal clutch kit, and now I know how you can have both a manual clutch and a centrifugal clutch - without a recoil start! Very clever engineering, but it does make the engine a bit wider. Was there a problem with the pedal cranks clearing the clutch/primary gears?
had to bend my cranks

Yes the motor is wider and I had to heat up my cranks and bend them to clear the motor do both sides for balance :)


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