Centrifugal Centrifugal Clutch with Pull Start on a Gas Motoed bike

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    Can you kindly tell me if I decide to have a Centrifugal Clutch with a pull starter installed on to my Onyx Genesis bike that operates on a 2 stroke gas engine with NT Carburetor, would I need to have the manual clutch lever removed from my bike or can I still leave it on with the Centrifugal clutch/pull starter installed?

    2nd Question: Can you provide me with some links as to where I can purchase an autotmatic clutch with pull starter kit such as Centrifgual clutch online for under $100?

    3rd question: Lastly, with my manual clutch lever still on my bike, when I come to a complete stop on the road approaching a red traffic light, how do I stop my bike without having the engine stall out(shut down) on me? Reason why I'm asking and need to be clearly on this is because I notice that many times when I come close to traffic light or stop sign, each time I hold in my clutch and then us my foot pedal breaks the engine is always stopping. Why this this? What do I need to do in order to prevent this from happening whenever I need to comple to a complete stop at a traffic light signar or stop sign?

    I would appreciate your supportive feedback as you've always provided to me in the past as a newbie of this forum. The other guys aren't as friendly or as helpful as you are and only act like smart alics in a sarcastic way.


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    Can't help with finding a pull start but if you are stalling out like that try raising your idle a little.
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    If you are riding along and pull in the clutch and drop to idle, does the motor stall? Or idle just right?

    If it still stalls adjust your idle up.

    If it doesn't stall your clutch is dragging, meaning the lever is not pushing the clutch plate far enough away from the clutch pads on the right side to disengage the drive from the motor.

    You can try just adjusting the cable screw set on the end of the clutch lever out or adjust the cable end on the arm by moving the brass cable set screw farther in, or you may have to pull the right side cover and adjust the 'flower nut' that holds the clutch plate out but there are topics about that and I'm pretty confident it's just the cable.

    Forget about a pull start/centrifugal clutch on a 2-stroke, especially thinking you can get it for under $100 and it just bolts right on.

    Besides having to replace your whole bottom bracket pedal assembly with wider shorter pedal arms to clear the extra 6" the parts add to motor width these 2-strokes were not designed to take them either, no mounting.

    If you want to go easy automatic clutch and pull start get a 4-stroke kit, 4-stroke motors are designed for pull start and any number of automatic clutch power transfer boxes like the newest Grubee 4G which I really like.