chain and sprocket help!

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by jmr3394, Apr 17, 2010.

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    I can't get my chain from my sprocket to my engine lined up so my chain constantly comes off the sprocket. I also can't use the chain without the tensioner otherwise the chain would be too loose and if i take a link off it will be too tight. what do i do???

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    Chain and Sprocket Help

    You might be able to go to a slightly smaller sprocket and then use a shorter chain. I don't know what the change would be per tooth of sprocket change. You'd lose some torque going to a smaller sprocket.
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    I know of the problem you are talking about. Trust me when I say this. JUNK that chain that come with the kit and go to the hardware store and buy the #41 chain. This chain is wider and is far more forgiving to slight misalignments.

    Believe me you do not want to have the chain pop off and lock up the wheel at 25mph down the road.
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    thanks mike im going to do that! Anything else i should know?
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    I went around to many hardware stores but i can't find any kind of chain like that. What do i ask the store clerks for because they don't know what a #41 chain is?
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    I just sent you a PM.