Chains chain breaker for 415 chain

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by cheap ride, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. cheap ride

    cheap ride Guest

    Hi all, i'm looking to buy a chain breaker for 415 chain, Ive checked ebay and the net, and suppliers mentioned on this site, but can't find one, I'm in Australia but i'm quite happy to buy overseas for one around 20 dollars U.S., I have a Huasheng 4 stroke kit to fit on to a chopper/lowrider style bike i have built, anyone know where i can get a good chain breaker for this price?:smile:

  2. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    This is the Chain tool I use. It is for motorcycles, and will still work on bike chains, but it is so big I prefer my small cheap bicycle chain tool

    There are a bunch listed on ebay. Use the term "chain tool"
  3. cheap ride

    cheap ride Guest

    Chain Tool

    Much appreciated drimpact i will check ebay .:cool:
  4. Stryker

    Stryker Guest

  5. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    you can always grind off the rivet head and then drive the pin out with a nail
  6. Gimmick

    Gimmick Guest

    Park Tool ct-7...39.95 msrp. works on 1/8" chains too.
  7. Chain tool

    Good call! I use that part tool myself. I've had several smaller ones, and none compare.

  8. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    I got my chain breaker from Lowes. It works great.
  9. retrophoto

    retrophoto Guest

    I use a bell paid way too much for it but now i find it works for bike and motor chain so not too bad a deal after all..
  10. bolton75

    bolton75 Guest

    Hi guys. I live in Adelaide, Australia and rang Pacific Brands Leisure and Fitness who are the Australian distributors of Park Tool products. They said they could get a chain tool out in about a couple of days. You have to pick up from a bike shop though.

    I was told the CT-7 will cost approximately $110.00 (Aussie $). Don't know whether I will need one yet for my 415 chain, so will hold off on buying until I've had a go at installing the chain. I'm in the process of making my very first motorised bicycle.
  11. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    go to walmart schwinn makes one it is 20 i think...:cool:
  12. BSA

    BSA Guest

    Park tool normal size more or less worked on mine. Occasionally it packed up but we could make it work. No good for putting rivets back in the chain though.

  13. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    I'm with Bill, Buy a hand grinder. Grind off the tips and pop the link out. Then you get to use the grinder again and again on other projects.
  14. hot70cc

    hot70cc Guest

    Iv'e always used a hammer and a nail punch, works every time
  15. bolton75

    bolton75 Guest

    Yeah...I'm not paying $110.00 for a chain breaking tool I will barely use. I'm going to get the angle grinder and grind off the tips; then knock out with a hammer and centre punch.

    I used just a hammer and centre punch today with the chain in a vice. It worked but the chain plate bent a little bit. So I'll use the grinder as well; just got to go and purchase one.
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  16. Stryker

    Stryker Guest

  17. smitty

    smitty Guest

    I just removed the parts of a cheap chain tool that were in the way.They break off quite easily.
    One of those removed parts is for lining up the chain tool pin with the chain rivet. The other is for loosening the tight link after pushing the rivet back in.
    With those parts missing, a little more care must be used to line up the pin with the rivet. The tight link can be loosened by placing your thumb on the tight link, and flexing the chain sideways.
    Be careful to not push the pin all the way out, but rather leave the pin slightly protruding on the inside of the side plate. That way when you put the ends of the chain back together the protruding pin will hold the ends together, making it easier to push the pin back in.

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  18. jg767

    jg767 Member

    Two thumbs up for the Park ct-7, far better than the ct-5, or the no-name I bought from Staton
  19. augidog

    augidog New Member

    this $3 beauty hasn't failed me yet...the rest is just like smitty sed...sometimes the channellocks come in handy :cool2:

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  20. outrunner2

    outrunner2 New Member

    I bought a real nice heavy duty chain breaker from Lowe's for $23.00. It's
    the same tool used by many bike shops.