Chains chain breaker for 415 chain


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Hi all, i'm looking to buy a chain breaker for 415 chain, Ive checked ebay and the net, and suppliers mentioned on this site, but can't find one, I'm in Australia but i'm quite happy to buy overseas for one around 20 dollars U.S., I have a Huasheng 4 stroke kit to fit on to a chopper/lowrider style bike i have built, anyone know where i can get a good chain breaker for this price?:)
This is the Chain tool I use. It is for motorcycles, and will still work on bike chains, but it is so big I prefer my small cheap bicycle chain tool

There are a bunch listed on ebay. Use the term "chain tool"
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Chain tool

Good call! I use that part tool myself. I've had several smaller ones, and none compare.

I use a bell paid way too much for it but now i find it works for bike and motor chain so not too bad a deal after all..
Hi guys. I live in Adelaide, Australia and rang Pacific Brands Leisure and Fitness who are the Australian distributors of Park Tool products. They said they could get a chain tool out in about a couple of days. You have to pick up from a bike shop though.

I was told the CT-7 will cost approximately $110.00 (Aussie $). Don't know whether I will need one yet for my 415 chain, so will hold off on buying until I've had a go at installing the chain. I'm in the process of making my very first motorised bicycle.