chain pulls at start

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    hey guys long time no talk (really have not needed to post) ok so my chain is pulling at start I crank the rope an the wheel jerkingly spins an it doesn't start like the clutch is engaged any ideas? much obliged. *hausheng complete 4g t-belt beach cruiser build*

  2. KCvale

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    It sounds like you have the 4G for Honda/HS 142 5/8" straight shaft engines.

    The clutch bell rides on the engine output shaft with an oilite bushing in between.
    That is most likely worn out or at least in dire need of oil.

    Pull the cover off, and with a 'long tube' old style oil can you can get some oil to that bushing, but it is best to just take the belt and the retaining bold in the engine shaft out and pull the clutch bell off,

    then soak the brass colored 'oilite' or even the whole clutch bell in some regular 30w oil so the clutch bell will spin free on the bushing.

    If it's worn out, replace it.
    Sorry, I have no source for that, I don't mess with anything with bushings these days.
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    KC, I have that GXH50 Honda, do I also need to check for that same issue? And if so, about how often, in miles or engine hours?
  4. KCvale

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    Well, what I have done with the couple of bushing builds I did was grease the bushing, but supposedly soaking them in oil is better but I don't know, I don't like that bushing system so I can't be of much help with how often to maintain it.