Chain "Rubs" Motor Mount

Thinking on it... I think I may pull that back mount block and shave a little off. It will fit just a hair more snug at least... and if I take the main amount off the one side I could pull maybe a little out of it before having to attach the flange itself.

Sitting upright it doesn't quite hit so badly as it looked in the photo (of it upside down) but still enough to be of concern.
Is the drive sprocket on backwards? That is an unusual situation.
Not sure how unusual ... my other engine is the same except that it runs "out of the way" of the mount.
Didn’t you add an extra axle nut inside the chain stay to give you extra clearance room?
If everything on the wheel was pushed over 1/2” it may give the needed clearance by the mount.
Just adding a spacer nut may not push the wheel over. It may just spread it.
Got the drive chain on direct... AND I think eventually when the drive chain stretches It'll be tight enough to not have to use a tensioner on the pedal side. It's a bit sloppy right now...