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Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by kenwitt, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Elec motor sprocket needs a ½" x 1/8" wide chain .. Want to keep std. 3 gear chainring front crankset set up for std. ½" x 3/32" chain. Will derailer work? How 'bout 3/16" HD Chain?
    Tks for help very much appreciated.
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    Please post in the correct forum.
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    Ok.. Tom I give up .. how do I post question in correct ken
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    I'll help on this one...

    To my knowledge all the three sprocket front chainrings are designed for the thinner chains. I've never heard of a 1/8" chain used on the three sprocket chainrings. The only bikes that use the 1/8" are the single speed BMX bikes.

    So just get a narrow (3/32") chain and it should fit.

    Things get tricky if you start to deal with more than 8 speeds on the rear cluster because the newer chains are more narrow. There is the possiblity that if you upgrade to a 10 speed rear cluster that your existing three sprocket front chainrings will have problems with the narrow chain. But unless you are in the process of this upgrade you will be fine with the standard (3/32") derailler chain.


    But I guess your real question is about the electric sprocket.

    If the electric sprocket is 1/8" and the three sprocket front chainring is 3/32" you need to keep the 3/32" chain to use the derailler, but you "could" possibly get away with a second chain that is 1/8" to connect to the external electric sprocket coming off the motor. I'm assuming you are going from motor-to-chainring-to-rearwheel.

    What would be better is to grind down the 1/8" sprocket to 3/32" so that you can use 3/32" everywhere. If you have access to a grinder it's not too hard as I've done it before. Without the grinder you are stuck with two separate chain sizes.
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    Tx for the info.. young bike mechanic advised that the 1/8" inch wide chain would just "flop" down easier, faster? I'm concerned about shifting on the chainrings and / or poping off the sprocket.. tooth configuration is slightly different..

    tx for help.. ken