Chain Tensioner Chain Tension with Offset Sprocket

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by gearhead222, Mar 12, 2011.

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    Dear Fellow Members-Like many of you, I have a heavy duty aftermarket chain and static idler wheel working with an eccentric rear sprocket. My bike is a Huffy Cranebrook with a Grubbee 48 cc 2 stroke. My BEST chain adjustment varies from 1/4-1/2" play. What tolerances are best when one has an eccentric rear sprocket? I also use the Dupont Teflon dry lubricant per the forum and regularly clean and lube my chain. Thanx for any feedback:)-Gearhead

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    I'd bet the sprocket isn't eccentric, you most likely do not have it centered to the hub. It also needs to be even with the rim or there's wobble in the sprocket.

    I'd loosten everthing back up and reposition the sprocket. Try to tighten the bolts as evenly as possible, checking your clearance to the hub at all times

    Even if your an eighth of an inch off that's 1/4 inch overall, enough to throw things out of kilter:annoyed: