Chain tentioner Problems?

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    i drilled a hole through my frame & through the mounting clamps to keep my tentioner from moving. but every time i tightin the bolts the tenioner keeps moving out of my chain alignment. is there something i can use to keep my tenioner from moving when tightening the bolts so i can keep my chain & tentioner alined?

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    ive had the same issues. i cant even count the times that tensioner has broke loose and wound up in my spokes locking my tire up at about 30 mph ripping my spokes out and bending the hell out of the rim. what i did was drill a hole right through the clamp and into the frame of the bike then drilled a srew into it. that kept mine still for a while but the metal on these tensioners is very weak and it will slowly bend inwards so what ive came to do was check it often and when it gets out of alighnment i take my channel locks and bend it back. that will ussually last me a few weeks. its just somthing ive learned to keep an eye on
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    you gotta remember these stock tensioners also work as a guide for the chain so that it does not slip off and if your using that stock gear mount from the kit it will most likely not work because you cant align the wheel gear to the the engine gear, also that tensioner is way to far away from the wheel to keep the chain in the correct position. just somthing to keep in mind. now if you have the actual hub mounted gear then that tensioner that butre posted would be great because with those you can laterally adjust the gear to line up with the engine gear
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    From the pic it looks like the chain is way to loose...may need to take some links out
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    I've got well over a thousand miles on that tensioner. I know they're a pricy solution but you get what you pay for with it