chance to buy a motorized bike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by oldpot, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. oldpot

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    chance to look at a 49cc motorized bike for $150 from Craigslist
    they quote### 2 cycle 48cc powerful motor. Chain driven with direct drive from the hub of the rear wheel.
    Two types of breaks - Rear tire brakes with pedal control and the front tire has hand brakes.
    Extra large seat.
    Gently used (less than 30 times).
    150 miles per gallon. ####

    bike look ok in pic , what should i be looking for on the bike , and what should i ask them . waiting for replay from them .


  2. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    For that price your buying a kit and getting a free bike. Only thing I'd do is test ride it and see how it goes. Look it over and see if a kid put it together or someone who does quality work. Look for stripped bolts etc. Parts are cheap and you can always redo stuff to your liking. Hard to beat that price if it runs.
  3. oldpot

    oldpot Member

    ty darwin , looks like it the original kit in pic (but i might be wrong)hope the bolts are not stripped or something like that , but there can be repaired.still waiting replay but its early here heheh.
  4. oldpot

    oldpot Member

    ok bit the bullet and bought the bike from older gentleman (65-70)he knew about bikes as he got 2 lovely tandem bikes he made him self
    heres a pic bike this pic from Craigslist i will get better ones tomorrow , got at least 40-50 worth of extras on it
    the engine looks old one with chinsea writing on the choke for on and off i get more details when i have a good look at it .

  5. tom-fishing

    tom-fishing Member

    Glad you picked up on that one, looks like a good deal to me. That hill you've been fighting will seem smaller this spring. :biggrin:
  6. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    That seat alone is worth $50, tushes best friend. Great deal and not a POS.
  7. oldpot

    oldpot Member

    hope this link work ,
    more i think about it i think i got a good deal , i got extras in
    rear rack with bag with 3 sides to it .
    vetta front light
    cateye 5 bike computer
    2 gallon gas can
    front brake

    ok bike is a 26 inch Royce union single speed bike, with a rear band brake whatever that is but it works how do they work ???
    i see the chain adjuster is on the other side first time i seen that (he knows about bikes so he must know why it is there i guessing )
    the choke got Chinese writing for off and on (is that a old engine?>??)
    bolts look tight i get clsoe up later but looks ok

    i will give it the once over in a few days clean it up etc but for 150 i think i got a good bike (hope it runs ok now ) one prob i did see was when i stopped the bike it knocked off (ok not run for a while he said cable needs adjusting or screw on card but the clutch lever looks a bit slack as well)what ye all think.

    ty tom and darwin yes the seats very nice on the rear :)
    and ty again tom for link for it as well hope one day i come and see you on it :)
  8. BigBlue

    BigBlue Active Member

    Looks like you got a pretty good deal. Not bad shape, just some clean up and some elbow grease.

    Enjoy the ride,

    AKA: BigBlue
  9. Bob K

    Bob K New Member

    I REALLY like the pedal side chain tensioner. That is BRILLIANT. It completely removes any need for
    a powered side tensioner. It looks like a safety modification to me! Also, it is a speed modification!
    Think about it, one less drag on the powered drive chain. That old gent was smart.
  10. oldpot

    oldpot Member

    yes bob and i notice the back sprocket as well not connected to the spooks he must have know what he doing , i will not have chance to take it for a good run yet too cold i need to clean it up etc but i let you all know how it runs :)
  11. wally

    wally Member

    Yes! You did get a good deal there. That rear sprocket is an optional extra, I saw it in one of the shops online I forgot where. A new bike with motor sells for approx $450 complete in the shops where I am. I saw on our local "ebay" equivalent ( a used bike for $600! :)
  12. oldpot

    oldpot Member

    i took it for a spin around apts where i live took about 7 times to get it going right (ok its cold and been stood for a while is that normal)??do i need to check anything

    i got one of these clutch levers below under the brake and the lever its self wobbles side to side and the top part its same (should they do that )and where the cable goes in its loose and looks broke , i might change and get one that got the push button


    when bike got going it sounded (i think) ok had to adjust the idle as it kept stalling every time i stopped .

    trey bottom of fuel line where it goes into carb he put some wire around it but i looked and it not leaking i keep checking that area


    also looks liek he added half a link to chain is this how you do that is this safe??


    ok the gentleman who i got it put the chain adjuster on the normal chain (not sure why someone said to match up the other chain that had not got an adjuster on ) now when i was peddling to get going it was hard (ok not had a single gear bike so i not sure if thats the normal or what ) but felt hard to peddle could the adjuster have something to so with it ??


    still need some tinkling with and tryign to find out how to remove rust from top of head set and clean up more but for $150 i thing well worth it and hope learn more stuff on the way and hope have this for a long time .