Checking Robin 35 valve clearance procedure

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    Can valve clearance be checked oneself, or does it need a mechanic?

    The "instruction manual" says every 200 hours. No reference to checking it after the 20 hour break-in. Is it necessary to check it after the first 20 hours?

    Is there anywhere on the internet explaining (ie "service manual") exactly
    how to do it on a Robin 35?

    What are the symptoms of incorrect valve clearance?
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  2. You can order the Robin repair manual from any authorized Robin dealer, which you can find at Subaru's online Robin small engine section. It explains how to set the valve clearance (lash) pretty clearly. The manual is not expensive and well worth the money. It has complete tear down and rebuild specs. If you are not mechanically inclined and don't want to tackle this small maintenance item yourself, any good small engine shop familiar with the Robin engines can do it for you for not a lot of money. The only special tool you will need is a set of feeler gauges available for a few bucks at any auto parts store. You do not have to reset the valve lash after 20 hours, stick to the 200 hour recomendation. If valve lash is out of specs you may notice a small loss of power.
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    Personally I recommend for any of the mini four strokes that the lash get checked at 10 hours,20 50 then every 100 hours after or at oil changes.

    The reason is the wear in period you will get the most amount of change in clearance.
    I've seen engines not checked get run for 200 hours have .015" or more clearance.On the low lift cams the stock engines use this is a significant amount of loss in lift.
    However there is a misleading "tech tp" circulating the net that says to tighten down the lash to gain performance, most of the engines run close clearance of .004-.006" making it tighter doesn't do a thing except risking burning the exhaust valve.

    Set at factory specs per their instructions.

    I do a lot of these and bought shim stock from a mill supply.( travers tool co or mcmaster carr or local mill supply auto parts etc)
    I made a simple go- nogo gauge by taping the high limit gauge and low limit gauge together with enough sticking out the ends to get under rocker arm.
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    Hello i read over the manual and they really are very precise and have a wonderful service manual--reminds me of the manual i got from my 1965 Honda motorcycle great reading