Chinese engines....other than bike motors



The little Chinese engines built for bicycles do for the most part, impress me. Also, some of the Chinese mini ATV's and motorcycles with the Honda clone engines seem to run strong and last. However, I've bought a few of the Chinese built 4 stroke horizontal shaft 4-8 HP engines from various suppliers and have had absolutely no luck with them. I'm reffering to the type of engines you would use on a garden tiller or water pump (I have noticed some interest lately from people wanting to mount such engines on bicycles). The ones I've bought were Honda clones and Yamaha clones. The governors seem to be a big problem as well as the carburetors.......and half the bolts are not tight. Has anyone out there had any luck with these engines? I don't think I'll buy anymore of them...even though they are way less money than a Briggs, Kohler, Tecumseh or Honda.

I haven't heard good reports on the implement type engines from China....or 99.999% of the scooters, otherwise known as the "CCS" ("cheap Chinese scooter", an abreviation I coined a few years ago and is commonly use on the web to describe these P.O.S. scooters sold on eBay).

I nearly didn't get a "Happy Time" bicycle engine BECAUSE they were made in China, but they were cheap enough that I did. I'm not regretting it either.
This is exactly why I am wanting to go with a Tecumseh.. I got the chinese motor sure it was cheap I do not regret it. However! I have put about 650 miles on the thing before the bike failed enough to warrant getting a new one. Note: The engine is fine just had enough parts go bad it was not worth it on the Mikes Hard Lemonade bike I think it was designed to be a display bicycle

I am concerned about the engine failing me at around 6000 miles or so. This is why I want the backup plan and have been talking about prepping plans for the Tecumseh.

The bicycle I am getting on Monday I am not concerned about it failing any time in the foreseeable future other than the odd spoke now and again using the Chinese super happy time!

But I will say again I am quite pleased with the motor and I am glad I did it for one it got me hooked, 2 it got me scheming Tim Taylor style "More Power" and the ultimate thing it has taught me is that you can achieve incredible gas mileage on a budget! :D
I looked at the chinese kit's and thought to myself...

hmmm....for $200 big ones I bet I can make one just as good if not better than a kit.

Hopefully I will be right, right now I've spent only $70 on the engine and it came with a clutch. Got a free trike to mount it on, I want to have it running soon.

I figure parts will be much easier to locate for a Tecumseh than a generic chinese 2 stroke anyday of the week as well.