Chopper De-construcion

What to do?

  • Sell motor and pedal to work on something decent

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  • Get back on the train/bus

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What a week.....

After only riding to work two days this week with the ill-fated carb transplant, the camel's back was offcially broken friday afternoon.

*Kickstand snapped clean off
*Bike still would not run properly from idle, or get going once stopped
*Right side crank arm snapped straight through the pedal bolt hole leaving me stranded 10k's from home

I've decided to pull the motor from the Chopper and return it to a pedal only bike.

Question is, what now? This bike was built 'cos I can't drive and was hoping to save the $60 (plus time) that it takes me to get to work every week, plus allow me some freedom from being dependant on ohers to get me around, but I feel this combo will never work! I've dumped the bike out the back in disgust and don't feel like touching it any time soon.

Sorry for the rant.......


have you thought of converting it to electric. I know that it has less range and speed for that matter but, it's still better than peddaling the whole way.


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Dec 15, 2006
Chopper said:
Sorry for the rant.......

dont worry dude, we have all been there
I know it sucks when carp like that happens , but don't let it get ya down
I am on my third bike since january and should have stuck with my first
(I sold it to finance my chopper and when that broke built another like the first cause I had 2 of them to start with)
good bones are the most important part (the chopper was an inexpensive bike but gave a lot of headaches, but the haros are way better made and so far trouble free


you only gave us one viable choice...i think you just wanted to paint yourself into a corner :p

of course you're gonna go find the right bike and do it again, i know it, they know it, you know it :LOL: :LOL:

i also know it's gonna be a righteous build :devilish: 8)


I was getting discouraged with my bike to, but finaly after 150 miles its starting to run and act the way it should. every time something went wrong I peddled it home and left it sit for a day or two then tried again after my attitude improved.