Chrome Venice Stretch

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  1. Here's my next personal bike... It's Dyno stretch limo with 24" wheels. This is just a pre-build pic; There's gonna be many changes made... I'm hoping to get it built in time for the next LA ride!!
    I wanna make a in-frame tank, but I really don't think that's gonna happen soon enough...
    I'm also hoping that the 40T sprocket I ordered from Jim will get here in time!
    It's also gonna get one of my front disc brakes!! :jester:

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  2. perichbrothers

    perichbrothers New Member

    double engine that thing!
  3. bbb

    bbb Member

    Stretches are great...come to think of it, all 3 of my bikes are stretches.
  4. Heres a pic from todays Venice ride...
  5. maltese guy

    maltese guy Guest

    Nice ride buddy,wish i had that frame for the lifan 125 i have resting!!!!
  6. tommygun442

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    kustom!! now thats a pedalscraper-lol.....