Clutch Clutch Balls-- Who's counting ????

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Maxx Ported, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Maxx Ported

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    So Sad, the Quaility sucks and they CAN'T even put enough bearings in the assembly:-x
    My first clutch problem (less than 50miles)the pressed race came off and the ball bearing fell out.
    My second clutch (80miles)was locking up. took it apart and found the bearings flat-spotted..and only 54 balls. (will hold 58.)

    So after lot of searching,, Finding a supplier of grade 25- 3mm- ball- bearings,,i repaired both clutches, no more high pitch singing sounds:grin:

    So I took apart a NEW engine to look at the bearings,>>ball count 52 :shock::shock::shock::shock:
    found dark gray, out of round pitted BB lookin balls??:-x:-x:-x looks like ANOTHER part to THROW away.

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  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    could this be a mistake ???

    could this many screw ups HAPPEN TO BE JUST a mistake ???

    I just don't think so -- I would think that some of this has been done ------

    ON PURPOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    since at this time no one else offers anything like the same kit for same money
    they have got everyone by their mountain rocks....

    ride that thing
  3. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Who was the supplier of these engines with the crappy bearings? Whoever they are, they need to know that their engines are coming with substandard parts. The importer will then put pressure on the manufacturer to fix the problem or lose business to a manufacturer that will provide an engine kit with acceptable quality at th same price. I've said before that I can forgive a lot considering the engine kits are $99 + shipping, but internal parts like bearings, gears, pistons, and cylinders should be of reasonable quality.

    HERPER Member

    also whats your riding style.. are you burning the clutches out due to from stop racing or just a casual rider?
  5. BoltsMissing

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    Excelant pictures Max and cool for pointing this one out.

    That section of the clutch assembly ought to be part of the regular maintenance thing.
    Not many know these small bearings exist until it's too late.
    One way of "sudden death" to those bearings is to wash the clutch assembly
    when not knowing the bearings exist, ride it 50 yards and sieze it all up.
    However, it can be prevented if you remove the clutch using the special tool, and behind it are 3 tiny holes and lube the bearings with a spray grease from preassure pack can if you don't want to take all apart. Get one that has a tube that goes into the spary nozzle.

    It is a good idea though to take it all apart when brand new, replace the bearings with higher quality bearings, moly grease, and keep it maintained.
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  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    makes me wonder

    well that sounds like a GOOD IDEA Bolts

    and after looking at those bearings -- should be a must !!

    fill em up with all new bearings and grease

    ps -- fill bearings until full -- probably more than amount furnished !!!!!!!


    not sure what to say about that except get it up and ready to

    ride that thing
  7. Maxx Ported

    Maxx Ported Member

    The clutch is not burn't/'s the bearing, that is poor quality, even when checking a NEW clutch, the bearings look like small apples, ( out of shape and pits).:-x

    Our driving habits are to pedal up to 10mph and let the clutch take over. It's when coming to a stop the the clutch grinds and jerks/locks up..

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    HERPER Member

    didnt mean to offend.. was just curious
  9. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Who was the vendor & did u let him know so these basic(but very important) problems don't happen again?
  10. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    Sometimes they can be out of shape when new, they are not always bearings, seems like pellets of some description.
    Incredible insult to western minds coming out of MiCh.

    Yep, that is the sure sympton, locks up for no apparent reason.
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  11. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Where did you buy these engines from? These types of bearing failures don't seem to be to common, and as BM said, are often due to users cleaning out the clutch with solvent and washing the grease away.

    It is very important to send the pictures to the vendor and let him know that the components are bad right out of the box. It is important for us to know who sold you the engine, so others an avoid buying engines from that vendor. Nothing will happen until sales drop. Hopefully, we'll see engines advertised with "new, stronger clutch bearings" from that vendor.
  12. Maxx Ported

    Maxx Ported Member

    The VENDERS have been contacted, We have bought from many, looking to see the best service. these two engines are from two different suppliers:shock:

    each clutch is a little different. one has round pucks and the other has tapered/rectangle pucks

    We have started a I.D. system to be able identify each engine, ie. bought from vender and sold to customer..

    HERPER- How did you offend??? You asked a legit question. ALL is Good

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  13. hot70cc

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    WHO WAS THE VENDOR, nice to see you contacted them, but as buyers we have the right to know who it was so we can do a check on our engines to see if anything was done about it. Thanks
  14. Maxx Ported

    Maxx Ported Member

    As a Buyer of over 60 engines:cool:

    I don't know >> exactly Who's engine it was.. it's IS BEST for YOU, to check your clutch anyway...notice that the two clutches are different designs..

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  15. hot70cc

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    you buy it from dax, STooth, PKink not that hard of a question thanks.
  16. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    it's up to Maxx

    right to know -- not real sure about that

    I think that ------ it's up to Maxx ---- to share if he wants to (only)

    I had a post months back
    some claimed ------------------ the right to know
    well -- sometimes we need to check things out for ourselfs
    and regarding this fairly simple issue -- seems that would be the thing to do

    check out your mountain balls bearings and then go

    ride that thing
  17. Maxx Ported

    Maxx Ported Member

    I TOLD YOU.........I Don't know EXACTLY WHO.........Got THAT:???:

    Be Happy I'm sharing the flaws I find.... I as You am trying to enjoy and not have " break downs" many miles from home....I travel 30+ miles a day...
  18. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    You said you contacted the vendors, does that mean that you contacted every vendor that you purchased your 60 engines from? I've got a few engines in the pipeline, I checked them and the steel balls in the clutch look shiny, round and well lubricated. If a brand new engine has rocks in place of steel balls, this is a serious issue and I know that I would not want to buy an engine from that particular vendor until the problem was resolved. I wasted over an hour of time spot checking engines to find nothing.

    I think that most everyone here with a HT engine does not have to worry, unless you can post who you got the crappy engines from. No source = no real information other than to cause unnecessary wrenching on engines so folks can "be sure" theirs is fine.
  19. Maxx Ported

    Maxx Ported Member

    No source = no real information other than to cause unnecessary wrenching on engines so folks can "be sure" theirs is fine.[/QUOTE]

    I GUESS even YOU don't understand.... I Don't KNOW POSSITIVELY who is guilty out of half a dozen, We have bought from ..How do you except me to just pick ONE...Vendors sell they DON'T manufacter.........So YOU are saying the pics are FAKE/NOT REAL???????????:eek: get a life it's not where they came from it's the FACT that someone noticed a problem...
    I Just came in from inspecting 11 bikes. 3 are the cheap bearings. also have 10 NEW kits to check.(Yes, I know where These came from)

    UP DATE:arceeguy...........Don't pay attention to the next statement, cause, I don't have a manufacture SOURCE......

    of the 11 engines inspected, (I) have Notice of the star nuts that are gold anodized and have a slot milled across them... Are the good ones
    the gray/plain star nuts have the crappy bearings.of the engines I have

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  20. HERPER

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    i think they are looking for the 6 companies you did order from.. not to call and yell or whatever, more to be weary. and if of the six someone else notices on from the same then they can add to it..

    maybe a list of the companies you ordered from could help.
    anndyes it is more important that they were found.. but doesnt help anyone