Clutch Clutch operating point, Mitsubishi TLE 43



Does anybody have any info as to the approximate rpm for the centrifugal clutch in this engine to overcome the holdback spring tension and begin to transmit power?, also at what rpm is able to handle the full-throttle torque without slipping ?
This engine has a 78mm clutch which is standard I think for engines in this power range,however the 49 cc Honda has a larger clutch even though the power output is not much higher (higher torque/lower rpm ?)
I think it's something like 2,500 rpm. Perhaps the Honda requires a bigger clutch due to the broader power band of a 4-stroke? (Just guessing)
Van's right - normally around 2500 RPM. It depends on the springs used in the clutch. If you ever overheat the clutch by slipping it for an extended period of time, you can damage the clutch springs (cause them to lose some of their temper) resulting in the clutch engaging at lower RPMs.
Thanks for the info,so the idle speed ought to be set below 2000 and at around 3500/4000 rpm the clutch could be counted on to be be pretty solid.