Clutch order for Honda GXH50


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Sep 2, 2008
I'm going to purchase the Honda GXH50 that is on the small engine warehouse site, but I don't know what clutch from Staton to purchase. I'm looking to fabricate my own gear reduction, possibly copy the belt drive system that was on the Iguana MB, that one is really cool. But I like the Clutches that Staton has because of the heavy duty power they have. I'm confused as to what I need to purchase, I don't want to purchase only one part and be stuck with more. Do they sell the complete product? Their discription is misleading. Please direct me to a product that I can bolt on either a belt or chain sprocket.

This site has been great in helping me with gear reduction and parts suppliers, very nice having the knowledge around.

Happy building/biking!
MaxTorque in Naperville IL. is where I purchased the clutch for the GiantStone project. They can sell you a clutch with any type of driver you want. They are alot more clutch than normally seen on these motored bikes. The clutch most often used are 76 mm / 78 mm in diameter. The MaxTorque Clutch is 100mm in diameter. Also the Special clutch MaxTorque offers speciafically for the Honda GXH50 comes with the custom collar/adapter you will need with any clutch you buy for the Honda and also comes with the higher RPM engagment spring needed due to the high idle rpm of the Honda motor. The MaxTorque also allows you to mount the clutch with the driver inboard or outboard. This allows you to have more control over keeping the engine centered in your frame or on your rack. The Staton clutch is the smaller diameter clutch and only allows for an outboard driver. I'm not sure what driver options they have available other than the one required to drive their gearbox. One thing about the MaxTorque clutch is that due to its larger size it will not fit into any of the available gearboxes used in any of the chinese kits available for the Honda/Clone motors.

Link to MaxTorque Contact Jim Donavan at MaxTorque and tell him your needs or the type of drivetrain you are trying to accomplish and he will have alot of information to help you, and be able to sell you the clutch you need.

Good info ocscully. Max torque are good clutches with STRONG engagement, but I broke one because of the thin-pressed steel joining of hub and shoe driver plate. Snapped the teeth clean off! :eek:

However, Max Torque has a heavy-duty "draggin skin" clutch that has my interest. I wonder if you can get one for the GXH50?

Also Hilliard makes a 5/8 clutch as well, and it's stronger than the Max Torque because of the solid steel hub directly driving the shoes, but you will have to get 3000 RPM springs for a high idling Honda GXH50

They are rated for 13HP BTW, so they are overkill.

I have a 3/4 version of the hilliard, and the solid hub never breaks.
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