Clutch clutch problem has this ever happened to you?

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    for some time now my clutch was getting a bit gooey (so to speak)i adjusted it every way possible. I checked the pads,plate ect all fine, i then took the side cover off LH side, and the 8 mm thick pin is worn flush with the out put shaft:thinking:
    so i put in a 8mm dowel pin from a truck fly wheel and now it works fine.:cool: I guess what i need to know is this a common thing to go wrong, and would a hardened steel pin be better? or will it wear out the more hard to replace parts faster. i look forward toyour replies:D
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    Well if you use a hardened steel one you'll break your clutch actuating arm faster, my clutch arm seems to be the weak link in my setup, the bucking bar has stayed the same length and over time worn a slight edge into my clutch arm.

    Bucking bars are pretty easy to replace. Clutch arms harder.
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    ok so the actuator on mine has minimal wear. any idea what length the bucking bar should be? as the dowel pin i used is hardened so id like to go to mild steel i might find out about a new actuator eventualy.but at the moment its only the backup for the new one. i also feel that it got worse since fitting a 36 tooth sprocket instead of the 44tooth maybe it takes more punishment on take off than usual? any idea?

    thanks mike.
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    save the wear and tear on the clutch....PEDAL it up to 5-10 mph the clutch roller bearing mod... TRUST me on this makes life so much better no more broken levers/cables
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    roller bearing mod?? do tell:)
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    When you remove the bucking bar, there ought to be a bearing further inside, usually by the time you have the problem, that bearing made from low quality, whatever they dish out in Ch. , would have disintegrated, and may have to force it out with compressed air.
    Replace the bearing with quality brand.
    Use plenty of grease.

    You may want to consider using 2 bearings, and a shorter bucking bar.
    Simply grind the bar till the cover sits flush and not pushing the clutch after the 3 bolts have tightened , don't grind too much.
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    pic of said mod.....shamelessly stolen from another member...

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    If you have problems (I haven't) with the bucking bar as others do, take a old 5/16" drill bit and cut the shank to fit, use a higher quality gearing and grease both.

    As far as the roller bearing mod, you can find the information here.
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    the link you posted says its a >doc file and comes out as what looks like html code
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    yes because a 36 tooth sprocket makes your gearing higher.
    it takes a lot more rpms to get the bike moving with higher gearing.
    the 44 tooth sprocket gave you more low end torque than the 36.
    starting off from a dead stop with a 36 tooth sprocket is compairable to starting off from a dead stop in a car, with the transmission in 3rd gear.
    you'd have to rev it a lot and slip the clutch to get it to go without the engine dying.
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    thats what i was thinking too. im remedying the problem soon. im tearing it down and giving it a rebuild. it deserves it, its never let me down and its got a lotta miles on it. and while im at it ive come up with a hydraulic clutch actuator. me and the boys at work made the other day.if it works ill send photos:idea: this bearing inside the shaft sounds like the culprit, because the bucking bar has a whopping great indent in one end:ack2: i took the bearing out and it is knackered too

    thanks for the advise folks :bowdown: