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    can anybody tell me how I can adjust my clutch? when I start the motor it seems the clutch is already engaged, I have the huashengf142 49cc engine with the grubee powerbox.

  2. AussieSteve

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    So, are you saying that the clutch is fully engaged and doesn't disengage when you pull in the lever?

    ... Steve

    HOMEYYYGG New Member

    Yes thats correct
  4. AussieSteve

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    This is the third case of this I've seen in the last week. It's more common than I thought.The clutch might be out of adjustment, but more likely the plates are sticking from long storage.
    If you remove the clutch cover, (RHS), then pull the clutch in, you should see the outer plate move outwards slightly. If you do, clutch adjustment isn't the problem. The plates are sticking.

    In this case, you'll need to remove the top clutch plate, then re-test. If it's still sticking, sing out.

    To remove the top clutch plate, first pin the clutch in. Next, remove the Philips screw then undo and remove the clover nut, counting the turns if you like.
    The top plate should come off. If not, make it come off, as gently as possible.
    Check if the clutch has disengaged and report back.
    (Saves me typing more if it's not necessary.)

    ... Steve
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    I think we are talking about a 4-stroke motor here not the 2-stroke HT. These use a centrifugal clutch not a manual one. The The Grubee gearbox also has what they call an engager system on the final output shaft of the gearbox that is controled by a brake lever or some other control on the handlebars. (See drawings below) The clutch engagment rpm is controlled by the garter spring. So it sounds like you need to get a stronger spring or ese try to get the motor to idle slower. If it is the engager system that you feel is out of adjustment? The only way to control it is the cable tension.


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  6. AussieSteve

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    Sorry, my bad - thought it was just another HT.

    ... Steve
  7. HoughMade

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    If the gearbox is engaged when you start the engine, the clutch will engage as in order to start the engine, you have to give a little more gas than idle. There are 2 solutions- 1 start the engine with the gearbox disengaged, or 2, and this is what I do, use a rear wheel stand and let the rear whell spin a little when you start it up- I never disengage the gearbox. Of course, you should get the engine warm and adjust the idle as low as you can and have it keep running. Finally, if the rear wheel is up in the air- no resistance- when the clutch is disengaged, you will still get some wheel movement. Even when the clutch is "off", there will be occasional contact causing a little spin.