Clutch roller (a must have item)

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  1. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    This is a great part! :tt1: You can find it buy/sell/trade forum. :D

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  2. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    I must admit, it's an excellent solution.

  3. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    It was a must for me! Billet intake, speed carb. had to cut off riser bar. Plus it works great!!!
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  4. ejp2fast

    ejp2fast New Member

    i'll have to get one of these...
  5. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    Clutch roller

    Contact Al Fisherman. He is a good guy to deal with :D Look in any thread, (buy, sell, trade) then click on his name and PM him your request. He will get back with you on $ & your shipping instructions. This is a great add on item! :D

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  6. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    That's clever.
    Does it make the clutch any easier to pull?
    Or did it just solve your cable routing problem?
  7. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    Some people say it does, but I don't know because I never tried mine with out it. I needed it for routing reasons :cool:
  8. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    I'll guarantee that if you have your clutch cable routed the stock way, that this mod will make a world of difference (if installed correctly) . At least by 80% or 100% refund. The less bends in any cable housing the better the ease of use. I tested mine using 6# mono fishing line to disengage the clutch. you can use your pinkie finger.
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  9. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I just happen to have to two pulleys like that.
    I took them off the bottom of an old sliding glass door and mounted them above the new door on the wall at each end.
    I used weed whipper line and a plastic water bottle as a counter weight to make it a self closing door.
    It looks easy enough to make a mounting plate for it and the cable end to put one back to use ;-}
  10. Apachekid

    Apachekid Member

    Clutch cable roller

    Al is right, you can use one finger to pull in the clutch...he gets it to you fast, too!!
  11. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    It's very simple to make, just that some don't have the materials or tools needed. I use a 3/4"X3/4" 14ga angle iron, 2-3" in length. braze a 10mm nut, drill a hole for the roller and mounting bolt, paint and there you go. The rollers I use (ball bearing and not nylon) are in fact door rollers sold at Home Depot, Lowe's and many hardware stores.

    1. angle iron 3/4" X 3/4" 14ga 3' stick $6.47 (makes approx 12)
    2. roller pk of 2 @ $4.65 (makes 2)
    3. 1 10mm nut $.10 est I buy a box of 100
    4. 1 10mm nylon locking nut est $.15, I buy a box of 100
    5. 1 10mmX40mm bolt (used with jackshaft) either 4 or 5 to a pack $1.50
    6. fuel to store and back $2.65
    7. #6 aviation bolt with locking nut (for roller)
    8. paint
    9. First Class PO $1.56

    Tools needed
    Cut off saw or hack saw
    Grinder or file
    drill and 2 drill bits
    gas torch
    brass brazing rod
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  12. TYFOON

    TYFOON Member

    Al if your selling them I'll take one! Price w/ shipping to 97702?:)
  13. skrufryder

    skrufryder Member

    yeah thats a great mod!!!!
  14. CarbonBikes

    CarbonBikes New Member

    I found out that if you upgrade the clutch cable to a brake cable it's a lot thicker and lasts longer. Brake cables have those plastic covers in the curve of the cable where it attaches to the brake which can be use to increase the cable's life when installed as a clutch cable. My first one snapped because of fray (within 2 weeks) The brake cable hasn't given me any problems whatsoever because of that plastic sleeve.
  15. Rebel Riders MB

    Rebel Riders MB New Member

    It is a nice part to have, I fabricated one for a customer who had a cable fraying problem IMG_20150106_161258_969.jpg