Clutch won't disengage on motorized bicycle

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Phantom Shocker, May 2, 2011.

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    Hello. Can anyone help me out here? Okay this is my problem...
    I ran this motor I'm using on another bike last summer and it ran perfect when I parked it. I put 40 miles total on it since new. Over the winter I decided to mount it on an OCC Schwinn Stingray. Now my motor sprocket is lined up with the rear sprocket so there is no issue there. But for some unknown reason my motor is engaged (in gear) and will not dis-engage. Now the clutch arm moves, and the push pin is not dented or bent and spinning the "flower nut" is not an issue either. It spins freely. My cable is not stretched, everything seems very functional but the clutch will not dis-engage and free-wheel for some reason.... It just stays in gear. My only last thought is does the drive chain need to be at a certain angle or position? I have plenty of pictures if anyone needs to see the chain position or anything else. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Hi Phantom! After you intoduce yourself please post your question in the frame mounted drive train forum. This way all the info stays in a place where others can find it.

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