Won't start

Shut off the fuel from the tank, clean out the carb and drain any fuel in it. Put a few drops of clean fuel in the throat of the carb and kick it over, if she pops off, then you know you have a carb issue.
So I'm getting fuel into the crank case cus it has wetness on the spark plug
Yeah I cleaned out the carb of all the first tank I made.
Is there fuel going to the carb? You don't want any fuel going to the carb, it should be clean and dry to diagnose.

With the carb drained and the fuel shut off, pull the plug and pedal it around with the clutch out. It should chug away, but not be too hard to pedal. This will purge the left over fuel from your crank case.
I almost wonder if the case got flooded with that super heavy 16:1 mixed fuel and now it's got a ton of oil trapped down there. That can definitely cause hard/non starts.
Try this; shut off the fuel, drain the carb, pull the plug, and let the bike sit for a month. Every time you try to start it you are making your situation worse. You just keep adding more fuel into an engine that hasn't burned any, there is likely a lake of premix in your bottom end.