Carby CNS Carb mount problem

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by RidinDirty, May 29, 2013.

  1. RidinDirty

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    Bought a CNS carb and an offset intake manifold. Problem is that the manifold is a lot smaller than the carb port. I tried to tape the manifold to add some diameter to it but I can't tighten the carb enough to keep it mounted.

    Anyone have any ideas to keep this thing mounted?

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  2. BigBlue

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    Sorry to break the bad news, but you should of done some research before you bought that CNS carburetor. I suggest you search the forum and you'll find all kinds of people having problems with them. My suggestion, go back to the NT carburetor and learn how to properly seal it and jet it. There is a ton of info. on this forum on tuning the NT carburetor.

    From forum member KCvale:
    A common issue is simply not mounting the carb on all the way properly.
    There is a grove where the bolt to tighten the carb is on the top, this needs to spread wide with a flat head screwdriver before you even start.
    Then there is a plastic insert with a grove, put that grove down, hence opposite the carbs grove.

    Slide the carb on until the intake pipe is up against the rubber gasket in the carb and then tighten it down good.

    Also note that with any carb they are gravity fed and need to be level, if you mounted your motor so the carb is over about 10 degrees off level it will always fail.

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  3. Uncle B

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    I also bought the offset intake and have the same problem with the standard NT carb and a Dellorto clone. Used tape like you did which was a temporary fix for testing, but ultimately went back to the stock intake until I could make it more stable. Anyone else have any experience with this intake?