Coaster brake use w/ FD

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Whizzerd, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Whizzerd

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    Hello all! Getting ready to do a rear friction drive and was wondering about coaster brake use. Any issues? Any help is much appreciated!

  2. nsmith

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    Coaster brakes are ok, just make sure it is not your only brake.
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    On "The Dragon Lady", my twin-engined girlie cruiser, the rear coaster brake were helped out by front v-brake as it left the showroom. Then I installed a rear v-brake and kept the coaster brake too.

    Ya can't have too much braking power when motorizing a bicycle.:detective:
  4. augidog

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    my opinions

    the bit of experience i have that applies here depends on: what kind of drive?

    friction/direct NO to coaster is what i'd guess, there'd be a lot going on for a hub with no "true" freewheeling...

    if it's a centrifugal clutch setup, which is what i have most of my experience with, i can assure you with proper handling a coaster will do just fine.

    only a guess and only an opinion..."build smart" is what i say :)

    coaster input:
    the basic steel-rim/105G/shimano cb-e110 has proven itself dependable and an affordable minimum standard across the entire spectrum of motorized bicycling, i've had or seen (in real-life, and/or on MBc) every kind of MB drive successfully combined with one. they go for around $50 + maybe can find the "hi-stop" version for a few dollars less, don't do it.

    MORE coaster input: never EVER use a coaster brake without a good front brake :helmet:
  5. Whizzerd

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    Thanks Guys! The rear wheel I'm planning on is a dbl. walled steel rim w/ 12 ga. ss spokes and Shimano 110 coaster brake. I have a Husky HD front wheel w/ drum brake on the way. HD thornproof tube also on that Husky order for the rear. I thought about using a layer of friction tape over the nipples(pasties?) and the rim strip over that. Sounds like tire liners can be a pain. Probably sounds like a dumb ? since the unit is c.c., but just wanted to be sure. Thanks again.