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2:05 PM
Jul 27, 2008
Im having a tough time deciding. do i stay with the coaster brake and a front or back brake, or should i scrap the coaster and do a front/back brake

let me know and give me some help on how long i can expect the coaster to last, because i had one that already went, (bike is about a month old)
The main problem with coasters is overheating, too many long runs on the brakes and the grease gets burned up. In MTBing's infancy when they were mostly using coasters there was a DH race that they called The Repack Run, because after each race they had to repack the grease in their coasters.

For MBs I think the ideal brake set up would be disk brake front / V-brake rear, but V-brakes front and rear should be plenty of stopping power. Front disk might require a new fork with mounts. If your bike doesn't have the V-brake mounts, you can also get an adapter call a V-brake plate.
thanks i actually just put in a rear brake today and scrapped the coaster.. but my question is, i have a clutch lever on the left side and the brake on the right with the throttle.. how would i add another brake?