complete setup at a good price

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  1. tjs323626

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    I found this complete setup at a good price:Motorized Gas Cruiser Bicycle, Gasoline Powered Motorized Bicycles, Cruiser Motorbike

    Under 600 shipping included. I was just wondering if any members had knowledge about this product. This may be just the ticket for someone who is not inclined or able to attempt building their own. Once the MB bug has bitten they may feel more inclined to attempt mods or a self build.
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  2. MotorMac

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    Can you provide a link to it? Is it on E bay?
  3. Mountainman

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    yes tjs

    would like to see that motor bike thing you are talking about

    always fun to ride those things
  4. azbill

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    sounds like a 'livefast' rackmount kit
    I have had good experiences with their framemount
  5. tjs323626

    tjs323626 Member

  6. Mountainman

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    oh yes -- that motor bike has caught my eye befor

    I like the looks of that MB thing

    just one of the MANY things I like -- large gas tank -- many other THINGS also

    overall just a nice looking MB I think

    keep us informed in regards to how it runs

    have fun with that thing