King's Power Pipes are here! (Tuned Pipe / Expansion Chamber)



The wait is over!....King's Sales and Service Group is proud to introduce its
new Power Pipes for use with the center mounted "80 CC" engine kits (NOTE: Most so called "80 CC" kits are more like 66 cc or so in actual displacement).

King's Power Pipes may also provide additional performance for smaller engines (50 cc and under) but we have not done extensive testing on them since most people who are interested in performance go for the larger engine to start with..However, since the port timing on the smaller engines are probably similar (just smaller piston bore generally) you SHOULD see performance increases on them as well but we have not tested that).

King's Power Pipes are quality made and feature extensive use of stainless steel, chromed metal, anodized aluminum, and galvanized steel in its construction. Beauty from the start and engineered to last.

King's Power Pipes are designed with the rider in mind and is tucked in close to the bike frame and out front under/near the down tube and out of the way....No worries about burns or interference! (see pics in the photo section of myspace at For videos and sound comparison search for our videos on You Tube...Look for videos by Kings Sales and Service).

King's Power Pipes are designed for peak performance from just off idle to approximately 6200 RPM.....Perfect for the RPM range of operation for the center mount engines (if you sustain high RPM use above 6000 RPM you may reduce engine longevity). The Power Pipe WILL pull higher RPMs but it is not recommended...Our test engine pulled 6400+ RPM but sounded a little "rattly" at that point). NOTE: The factory on most engines rates the power output of these engines at 6000 RPM so that may be the "defacto" RPM redline (at least by the factory).

King's Power Pipes are designed for Torque production and by gearing higher (i.e. using a smaller rear sprocket such as our Super Sprockets) will achieve lower RPM's at cruise AND also a higher Top End as well!.....Truly the best of both worlds!

As a side benefit, since RPM's are lowered for a given cruise speed, mileage and
engine longevity should increase!....Of course if you constantly use the power and run hard you may experience a slight decrease in MPG's.

In terms of power production, our test bike (one pictured on our MySpace page...A Trek 7000) equipped with a Dax 70, 36T rear sprocket, AND King's Power Pipe raced up Bellview Ave (a STEEP street in Charlottesville, VA and also our "test road") FASTER than a stock bike ( Dax 70, Stock muffler, & 44 T sprocket).... NOW THAT'S POWER!

As a simple test of what this means, take your multi speed bike out for a ride and ride it up a hill in low gear (count the number of teeth on the rear sprocket you choose) then shift up (smaller rear gear....keeping the same chain ring up front) so that the difference between your previous low gear and the "new" gear is 8T (that would be like the difference in our using a stock 44T rear sprocket VS the 36T rear sprocket on our test bike)....Notice how much harder it is to pedal up the same hill?..You will definitely need more power just to keep the bike moving at the SAME speed you were pedaling up the hill before...BUT remember in the battle of the bikes our Power Pipe equipped bike powered up the hill FASTER than the stock not only did the Power Pipe help the engine to make enough power to pull the steeper gearing BUT it made much more power so that it could not only pull the hill, BUT ALSO to pull it FASTER!.....Torque gets it done and the Power Pipe definitely makes it!

On the off chance that our 2 Dax 70 engines on our different bikes were vastly different in terms of power production (as you may know there is some variation between engines of the same brand just because of production tolerances of these lower priced engines), we decided to do a test of the SAME bike up the SAME hill with stock muffler VS the King's Power Pipe ( Again, we used our Trek 7000 bike with the 36T rear sprocket to give it a workout up the hill).....

When we took the bike back out with the Power Pipe, it charged up the hill (nothing new here)....We took the bike back to the shop, swapped out the Power Pipe for the Stock muffler and tried the hill again....This time the engine nearly stalled out (never did BUT it was definitely being abused since it was on the verge of stalling....). Case closed....King's Power Pipe definitely made a world of difference!

Now for some other important information about King's Power Pipes.

As many of you know, we have had a number of delays in bringing this product to market. The main stumbling block was locating a manufacturer that wanted to make the pipes for us in production runs of less than 250 units at a reasonable price.

While we have finally outsourced a firm to get our chambers from (the chrome expansion chamber with the gold silencer), we have still had difficulty in locating a manufacturer to make us the header pipes (unfortunately, the other firm does NOT bend pipes too).

With this in mind and due to the high interest in our performance pipes we have decided to start selling our Power Pipes as "kits" that require only minor trim piece installation, a few welds (can be done by a local muffler shop, and possibly enlarging a few holes (depending on the particular engine / bike install).

The expansion chamber (chromed piece) and silencer (anodized gold piece in the pictures) ARE fully completed and require no work themselves.

The portion of the pipe that will require minor welding is the header pipe (the pipe bolting onto the engine's exhaust port to the actual chamber itself). The welding needed is done on relatively thick metal so most any do it your self types with a wire feed welder or a muffler shop can do it relatively easily).

NOTE: One reason we chose NOT to make the final welds is because final fit to a particular bike make require slight adjustments and since we are using relatively heavy walled pipe, bending easily would most likely NOT be an option.

To make the install easier we have tack welded the pipes together. But if adjustments need to be made they can be cut/ground and rewelded or the engine position slightly adjusted.

While we have tried to make the pipe fit as many bikes as possible (we intentionally chose a small frame big tubed mountain bike to simulate the most difficult install possible and if it fits this install it should more easily fit a larger frame bike), some final fit adjustment may be needed.

NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT....DO NOT lengthen or shorten the pipes any more than absolutely needed for fit because the header length is close to optimal (i.e. tuned length) AS IS. DO NOT substitute 90 degree fittings since their restriction was calculated into the tuned length as well. In some instances, the
coupler between the 90 degree fittings may be omitted if the pipe interferes with the front wheel (hard weld the 2 ends if this is done)....It may be preferable to move the engine though because again the length of the header pipe is TUNED.

Other minor things you will need to do after fit and weld (should be installed like on picture of our Trek 7000 Prototyping bike), Cut /Slip on the Braided Mesh Covering (acts as a heat shield and covers the careful as the ends of the braid can be sharp), install the 2 cover trim pieces (red ), depending on hose clamp purchased may need to enlarge hole (slot) on chamber to secure chamber to bike's downtube, may want to optionally secure silencer (gold piece) to bike's bottom bracket area using high ties). NOTE: our prototype pipe was mounted solely with the engine studs and we have not had any problems BUT it probably wouldn't hurt to use other methods of securing the pipe as well. Also, the mounting holes on the header pipe may have to be enlarged / ovalized to fit the engine's exhaust mounting studs depending on the engine AND the exhaust gasket will probably have to be enlarged (match the gasket to the engine exhaust port opening).

To maximize the benefit of the Power Pipe we recommend a 34T or smaller rear sprocket for most users. For a Limited Time only, we will offer our Race Series 34T Super Sprockets for only $20.00 when purchased at the same time as our Power Pipe.....Bolt on, Blast off and leave the competition in the dust!

King's Power Pipe is priced at $265 delivered to the USA. (Contact us for delivery elsewhere)

We accept: Paypal ("")
Visa / Master Card / Discover - order via fax , E-mail,
regular sure to include all the card , exp
date, and the 3 digit code on back of the card.
Check or Money/order - (may delay shipping until funds clear)

** When ordering be sure to include your complete shipping address . A phone number and or E-Mail address should also be provided in case communications are needed before, during, or after your order.

Our Phone and Fax is:
(automatic switching)

Our shop address is:
1036 St Clair Ave
Charlottesville VA 22901

Email Address is

As with any speed enhancing product, extreme caution should be used if you plan on purchasing these part(s). I cannot be responsible for accidents / injuries resulting for the misuse or accident resulting from the use of this product....This product can give you EXTREME SPEED(40+ MPH) .Make sure you, your bicycle, and your engine are up snuff before even thinking of using this product. Use of product is solely at purchasers own risk!

NOTE: posted 10-26-08 but due to initial anticipated sales volume it may take a week or so for us to get your Power Pipe shipped. PLEASE do not ask for tracking information unless you have waited at least 10 Business days. Thanks!

NOTE : The pipes we will be selling have RED trim pieces on each end of the steel mesh...The pipe in the picture shows only 1 trim piece in chrome.

NOTE : Rejetting the carb may be needed after installing the pipe...It is important to be able to read you plugs for optimal performance.


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well you guys -- this is what so many here and around have been waiting for

it's not for my engine -- but - I sure am glad to see it coming out for the 2-strokes

good luck to all -- the seller and buyers ------ ride that MB thing