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    My name's Mark and I am new to the whole motorized bike world. My mechanical background is mainly in Muscle Car restorations over the years, but I still remember spending nearly every weekend of my childhood tearing down and rebuilding my bicycle in the garage. Like most folks here I am a sucker for most things with motors on them, and I got the idea of getting a garage sale weedwacker and mating it with a bike. So naturally I googled to see if there was the remote possibility that anyone else has the same idea and done anything about it. Well, it was like running into a library to tell them you had just invented the written word or something. After that humbling discovery , I was happily hooked! Yeah Boy, gonna build me a motoredbike! Naturally, I have a zillion questions and ideas to bounce around, and I hope to fit right in.

    See you in the forums,


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    welcome, and we'll probably enjoy you as much as you'll enjoy us
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    Welcome to the forum!
    Ask away! There are lots of knowledgeable folks here that would be happy to answer your questions.
    Have fun building your rig. All weedwacker builds are a custom creation.
    Utube has a few folks showing off their creations. Good for getting ideas from.

    Here's one for starters: