crome cilender wall?

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    how do these engins hold up with out it? mine has lots of gouges smoothed out of course still seams to run but i always thought smooth and crosshached was the way to go will they be more prone to melt whith out the hard coating?

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    Oil my friend.
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    recommended by many !!!

    recommended by many !!!

    makes it best when riding those THINGS
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    Out of the box, the cylinder walls are very smooth with a "minimal" cross hatch finish. (Either the chrome is super hard, or the hone is very worn........ I'd go with the latter...) This is probably one of the reasons why they take a while to fully "break in".

    If your cylinder is scored, you need to check:

    1: Air cleaner (never run without one, EVER!)

    2: Carb jetting. Make sure that the engine is not running lean. Usually, they run rich at part throttle, but many will lean out when run at high revs wide open. THis is death to a two stroke, regardless of how much oil is in your premix. If the mixture is waaaay too rich, carbon deposits can cause damage to the cylinder walls if little bits break away from the combustion chamber.
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