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    I have to replace my 2 stroke engines cylinder case..I tried to loosen the bolts on the intake and a bolt broke inside it..i couldnt get it out

    any tutorial videos on this? im not sure if its ok to re use the bottom crank case gasket has a there some kind of tool to squeeze those rings so i can slide it in the case? any tips to get this piston in the case would be great . Im getting better at these engines ;)thanks!
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    There are only 8 nuts that need to be removed to replace the cylinder on 2-stroke Chinese centre mount engines.

    If you have broken one of the bolts on the intake manifold side of the cylinder, you should be able to (carefully) remove the other bolt; then the intake manifold should slide off the broken bolt.

    It's a fairly easy and straight forward job, though i've seen some people (who claim that they're mechanically inclined) create unimaginable f#$kup's (that were completely avoidable) when working on these engines.
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    ok got it! thanks