Dave's "$uper$tock" clutch mod


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May 30, 2021
So I figured this out the other day and I think this could be a huge fix for slipping clutches, I'm calling it The superstock clutch, it's not as good as the saf clutch but it's close I think.

This requires the internal spring to be removed from the clutch shaft

Put the flower nut on backwards on the clutch pin

Sand the center of the plate until the flowernut fits flat against the plate

Put washers and a nut on the other side of the plate and tighten the nut be sure to use loctite

Clutch pin may need centered or adjusted as you tighten the nut

The solid pins need to be knocked out and the holes tapped with a
1/4- 20 bit

You will need 1-1/4 inch long bolts

Springs are 14mm od by 20mm long by 7mm id

Might be able to fit 16mm od springs

Springs are compression die mould

A custom length bucking bar will need to be cut

Different length bucking bars are required to adjust clutchpad wear

but can be cut from a different/spare pin the flower nut attaches to or 8mm steel rod

Might need wider crank for pedals

I've never seen this mod anywhere else using the stock clutch plate so maybe I'm the first? It's been working good so far for me so I figured I'd share it hopefully it catches on.

Please try this mod and post back here to let me know how it worked for you
- dave


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Jan 7, 2022
This seems to be a thing for saw jugs now. I see a lot of the saw motors with outside springs.
I've seen a few different ways around it also... I got the RDM because I can use the stock cover... If it ever comes in the mail... Might have to go to one of those races and take one...