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  1. doug christensen

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    Noob here and long time lurker and would like to thank everyone for the knowledge I have gotten here. Does anyone have any information or comments on DeNardis 5cc motors. I am thinking about one for an upcoming build on a Mountain bike. Thanks again for all the help.

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    that is all.


    go ride a ktm 50 ;) was either denardis or a morini, which equate to basically the same thing.

    if you dont use the expansion chamber, you wont get the same band(its all exhaust on two strokes) but it will still put any cheap china kit to shame, and after youve blown three chinese kits up...the denardis was a wise investment.

    get a good frame. thats the hard bit if you want full suspension. gt lts ;) look it up.
  3. doug christensen

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    Thanks for the reply. I have looked at the lts. I want to keep it simple so will go with a hardtail. Anyone else have any experience with
  4. doug christensen

    doug christensen New Member