Did you name your bike?

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7:33 PM
Jan 22, 2008
I know there are people here who absolutely love the fruit of their labors. It's been only a few days since I've last worked on my bike and I already feel like I'm suffering from some sort of withdrawal.

So my question is, do you have names for the bikes that occupied several of your weekends? If so, tell us the name and how you came to it.

I'm considering naming mine MoneyPenny because it's copper colored. I'd like to make a cool decal. But it's still up in the air.
I just call all my bikes "She". Like women, each bike has her own style, abilities, ways to make you feel great, and ways to lay you low.
I named my bike Moop after the mascot this other forum I'm in not kid friendly.I actually know some of the members there by going to what's called a p***up and they took a collection for me when I had my heart surgery. They rule big,man.
I name everything.
My black truck I named Luther.
My red truck I named George
I once had an 88 t-bird I named ghettobird.
I have a rake I name Gregory.
And this really cool snow shovel I name muther shuver.
....I like Elmo too....
The Whizzer WC-1 powered 1905 Mead Pathfinder I call "The Kalifornia" (because we were semi replicating a 1902 California), or sometimes "The Wyman Bike. Though my father, after travelling with me and that bike, is firmly convinced it's name is pos.
My first motoredBike was caled Hercules- for the Hercules Corvette Moped tank I had upon it (I later found out that there are only six complete Hercules Corvettes left in the world as far as they have found) that I bought cheap because I couldn't afford a Whizzer tank, The NE5 whizzer powered I was calling the fireball five but on the way to Indiana it's name changed to ( bear in mind I'm trying to be kid friendly here, not trying to offend) "Dirty Rat B****rd". The Happy time Schwinn is "The Speedster"
Hi All,

I named my bike Ned, as in Ned Kelly, as its basically Outlawed in Oz.

I found out afterwards Many Harley Davidson riders in Australia had a big
association with Ned Kelly, due to the way the law had treated them at times.

For anyone with No idea who Ned Kelly is,
see this link.


The red logo on top of this site I was thinking of laminating
and putting on my bike, but thought better of it,
just in case I do ever get pulled over.


Will Start.
Mr. Toad from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disney world. They tore it down, but it was a crazy f'd up nonsense ride. Just like when i ride my bike.

The Breeze Lynyrd Skynyrd's They Call me the Breeze

Found a guy here in town that makes and paints custom bikes. I'm gonna have him paint the names on the tanks.