disc brake spacer/flange mount for front hub?

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    I bought a new hub with thicker spokes and construction and a disc brake package for both my front and back wheels. now it seems at least for the front wheel i have to find a hub with mounting holes for my disc brakes or find and adapter that can attach to the front hub and accept my brake rotor. the back end i suppose i can attach to the clamshell/sprocket/top hat package though i haven't gotten round to putting it all together.

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    i don't think so looking again. i thought maybe i could get rid of my clamshell and run this but i don't think the sprocket, top hat sprocket adapter and disc brake would fit in there and still give me room to attach a back rack on my bicycle. i'm also worried about this holding up to heavy riding. maybe i can though and put my removed freewheel up front and put one of these on http://www.choppersus.com/store/product/308/Disc-Brake-Rotor-Converter/ or do one of these thread on disc brake conversion mounts on this page http://www.custommotoredbicycles.co...icycle_wheels_12_g_12_gauge_spokes_discbrakes
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