DiY small muffler/silencer. Stainless steel finish


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Jul 13, 2021
While toying with the idea of a dual exhaust. I thought of somthing super clever. Homemade silencers that are the perfect size, sound great, and have a factory like finish. This is what my mind put together. You will need a welder or JB Weld can be substituted, empty paint can, tin snips, pliers, flathead screwdriver, hammer, fiberglass stuffing, and 8in×3in perferated metal or ( exhaust tubing with holes drilled all over it).
#1 take the empty paint can un wrap the label, take off the spray cap, and gently take the screwdriver and punch a hole in the bottom of the can. Use the hammer if need be.
#2 with the tin snipps cut little snips all the way around the puncture. This is so you can bend the metal inside the can. Take some exhaust tube and hammer that through the bottom. You should get a hole the size of your tubeing.
#3 take the tinsnips and where the cylinder meets the top of the can their will be a seam. This seam is what seals the top of the can and its simply folded over. With the tin snips put one blade on top of the seam and the other blade below the seam. Now twist to start prying the seam upward. Continue around the can. Until you popped the top off with pliers.
#4 take your perferated metal and roll it up like a tube matching the size with the hole in the bottom of the can( if you dont have perferated metal use exhaust tubing with lots of holes drilled in it)
#5 stick the rolled up metal and insert it through the bottom of the can
#6 get your fiberglass stuffing (got mine from the insulation in the attic) and start stuffing the inside of the paint can make sure you dont get any down your rolled up tube.
#7 now put the top back on and cut a 2in piece of exhaust pipe and join it with the rolled up metal. Butt to butt. 1inch should be inside the can and 1inch outside the can. Now tack weld it or JB weld it so its sealed. This is so you can have something the stinger can attach to.( mine was a littlee longer and curved cause im doing dual muffler)
#8 now weld or JB weld the bottom end where the rolled up metal meets the hole in the can. Or add another piece of tube to make an exhaust tip. Then weld
What you end up with is a perfect size muffler that looks almost factory made. It will have A throaty yet much quieter exhaust note.