Do you wanna meet Indiana Jones!

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    I built him about 3 months ago and commute to work on him and take him for errands throughout the city. I would rather ride someone with a women's name :smile:but he is very adventurous. He has a robin subaru eho 35 engine with a staton gearbox. I also bought his rear wheel. I have had no problems with the bike other than flat tires. extremely reliable like I am riding a motorcycle of which it kinda is. The roads are terrible with all sorts of garbage. I put on kevlar tires and flat resistant inner tubes which has helped but even with this I got a flat. I put on the rear box so I am more stealth. Don't want to attract attention from our protection services although in this area I don't think they care although there is no laws for this type of bike here. As for the Hummer, it is a folding montague. It is a bit difficult to fold with the front fender. I will probably take that off for the summer though.

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  2. nice job very stealthy!
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    Very well hidden! Do you get cooling problems though? My next project is going to be a rack mount and stealth is the utmost priority, I'm liking your ideas!
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    No it does not seem so. There is good air flow from the front to the back. That is why I used the "mesh" for the door at the back so air can flow through the holes. When I am sitting on the bike, you can't see the engine from the front although when I am off it the front is exposed. I could add another cage at the front but I don't think I will bother.
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    indiana jones

    I also added cork to the inside of the box to keep the engine a bit quieter. It does reduce the engine noise a little. I am going to add a high temp silicone tube to quiet the engine noise further but I have yet to figure out how to connect it to the muffler. On top of the box, I have a signal light/brake light. and above that I put a blinking strobe for safety. For long trips I bought a gas tank that is used on the larger Honda engines. The gas tank will fit on top of the box and give me a range of 300 to 400 km. 200 to 250 miles. Top speed 27 miles per hour.
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    Ok, so you wear the fedora too?
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    Indiana Jones

    Hey good idea!
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    How does the folding mechanism work on this bike - does it still function well? I am considering the MX frame.

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    folding mechanism

    yes, the folding mechanism still works well with the conversion. It takes a little longer to fold thus I don't fold it too often. If you look closely at the pictures around the circle of the rear tire you will see a knob. This is to remove one of the engine braces so the bike can be folded completely. Obviously with the weight of the engine and gear box, it will take longer and more care to fold, but it folds no problem.
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    it would have to be glued to a and safety :cool2: