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    Dogman on several other forums is my screen name. I've been commuting about 2-3 thousand miles a year for two years, and now I'm bit by the racing bug. 1st serious entry on an electric bike in this years Spooky Tooth Death Race, I was very far from first but not last.

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    Welcome to the forum. I wish I could be in Tucson when you guys take the track with a 1000w hub motor on both wheels.
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    welcome :)
    we met at the DR I believe ;)
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    Yup. Just had to get on this forum to provide some balance on a certain thread.

    Us electric kooks can get pretty weird. I resemble that, but also have some common sense. Spooky tooth is a run what you bring race. Nothing wrong with two or more riders having thier own private competition among themselves if they are slower. But to modify a controller to be slower to meet an arbitrary watt limit would be really kooky.

    My plan for next year at this point is for about 2000 watts on the front wheel. Should be in the 40mph club by fall. Love the way a front drive pulls you into a corner, rather than a rear drive pushing the front wheel out.
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