Drilled Piston/Wrist Pin Preachin'

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Jonj57, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Jonj57

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    Going to post some pictures of the work I did eventually when I have time but I follow Jaguars site and put some holes in my piston (12 specifically) and bored out my wrist pin a little bit (calipers useful) (plus cleaned out flash/ lil bit of porting). I would have done more but feared for the well being of my piston so went with bigger spacing and less holes.

    Bike revs higher and vibration is basically gone! The difference is night and day and makes extended 30+ MPH spurts easy on the hands. Thanks Jag, o god o 2 stroke bikes.

  2. jaguar

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    ha! you're welcome. glad I could help

    let me know which engine you have and the size of wrist pin hole
  3. Jonj57

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    I couldnt bore the wrist pin much as i didn't have any good bits that big, just one a smidge bigger than the original hole, as for the engine its a generic ebay kit with a zmn Crank. It's been through a couple of crashes and a lot of work and mods but the thing never stops working. Just wish I knew a welder to make a torq pipe, would complete my bike as far as city commuting goes