Drive chain dosn't fit sprocket

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by crazycrawler, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. crazycrawler

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    I bought a 50cc 2 stroke motor kit off Ebay recently. I put together what I would consider a descent looking bike, put the rear sprocket on the rear rim (what a pain). Now the drive chain doesn't want to fit the sprocket. Sort of looks like the sprocket teeth are too thick. Anyone have this problem? If so has anyone fixed it? Looks like I might have to take off the rear sprocket and machine the teeth down to make them thinner. I just hope the pitch is OK. What a last minute let down.


  2. Mountainman

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    file or machine -- whatever it takes

    from what has been heard -- fairly common found problem
    many resort to the filing
    what ever it takes so as to get the fit right

    what a last minute let down -- yes -- to say the least

    but hang in there -- soon you will be riding the MB thing
  3. cpuaid

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    the same thing happened to my new 49cc slant head kit from ebay. i had to do A LOT of filing in order to get the chain to seat properly in the 44T sprocket. many of the teeth were too thick and the gaps were not uniform. the worse let down was the chrome pipe was bent at the wrong angle. I had to use an exhaust from my old engine temporarily. the local muffler shop was kind enough to heat and bend it for free. now i have to shoot some high temp exhaust paint over it because the chrome is so discolored. oh yeah i sent the vendor an email complaining about the exhaust prior to bending it but all i got back was that he will notify the manufacturer. not even an offer to exchange it. the slant head runs awesome though. good power and really easy on the gas compared to my old 66cc.