Drive sprocket size with a staton

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    So, I have a robin 35. Love the thing. Actually have about 2600 miles on it so far. I loaned it to my very heavy little brother and he came back and the output sprocket on the gearbox had no teeth on it when he returned. I figured it was a combo of his weight and a problem I had with the chain at one time. One of the links is super stiff due to me eliminating the masterlink( I hate those things) and pushing the pin in at a bad angle. That link tended to make the chain jump a bit but wasnt a big problem. It would act like it was gonna walk off the sprocket and then reseat with a pop noise. I lubed it up and played with it a bit and decided all was well(get your mind out of the gutter).
    Here is my question. Im pretty sure its a 16 tooth freewheel(bike isnt here to look at). I ordered a 12, 15 and 17 tooth drive sprocket(the one that comes out of the gearbox) to see whats best for me. Does anyone here have experience with the top speeds of these combos with the robin? I was shooting for 35 mph so I could ride with traffic. The 12 was what I had originally and it topped out at about 24.

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    Lost a couple posts. I put the 17 on and I lost lots of low end and didnt gain any top end. So the only option is to upgrade the engine if I want to make it to 35.

    Im curious if the 4700 tanaka bolts up to the staton.
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    Yes, it does. My 47R engine bolts onto my Staton friction housing, so it would bolt onto Staton chain drive.