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1950 Dynacycle

I typed this paragraph when I posted this pic but the text did not make it on with the pic.
I'll try this again...

This came from the American Motorcyclist Association web site.

It was a good day for original owners of bikes at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum bike show Saturday July 28th, with this bike taking top honors in the American Cycles class, it has been owned by one owner it's entire life.

The American Best of Show winner was a 1950 Dynacycle, one of perhaps a dozen remaining in the US.

Essentially a bicycle with a motor bolted into the bottom bracket.
The immaculately restored Dynacycle was a lifelong project of Tennessee's Don Dungan (pictured).

Bought for Don as a graduation gift by his parents in 1952 from a St. Louis department store for $242.
The Dynacycle was ridden hard, almost sold, and stored in boxes for decades until Dungan was finally able to locate the parts to complete the restoration only a few weeks before Vintage Motorcycle Days.

"At one point, my parents had sold it for $35, but the guy who bought it couldn't get it started and brought it back to get his money back." Dungan says. "After that I took it apart, put it in boxes in my Volkswagon and hauled it back to my house"


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im not too into the old style stuff...but thats pretty cool, i wouldnt mind havin one:cool:



here's another couple

I'm not trying to jack your thread, I just wanted to add to it, so that our other members could get some more views and info.
If this is NOT acceptable please let me know...
These are from the VMBC meet...:cool:


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The more pics of old bikes the better.

The info with the pic of this Dynacycle says there are only about a dozen of these left in the US. I believe there are quite a few more than that, I have seen that many on the west coast over the past 25 years.

No matter how many of them there are around, this one is very nice.
I would love to have one in my collection.


old school

absolutely impeckable job on the restoration ! this is what many of us old geezers thrive on! we love it! keep it comeing for all the newbies to cheek out!:p


The owner of those dynacycles (Ron Dow of Scroggins,TX) said that there are about 200 left in the U.S. according to the registry...
He mentioned that there were only about 500(?) manufactured originally, but I could have heard that wrong.
I cannot confirm this but he knows his stuff so i'll take his word for it.
If anyone has confirmation of actual production I'd love to know for certain...
These are really a neat machine.:cool: