E3 diamondfire model number?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by kbguofa, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. kbguofa

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    Anybody know the model number for the E3 diamondfire plug to use with the 80cc engine?


  2. ????

    It will just say E3.
  3. kbguofa

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    E3 Diamondfire Follow Up

    Ok. Other then taking my plug to the store and matching them up, how do I tell which one I need?
  4. Just ask for the diamondfire E3 plug. I got mine at Lowes. It will be shorter than the stock plug. Remove one of the two washers and you'll be okay.
    This is the plug I have on my HT.

    E3 is the model number per say.
  5. kbguofa

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    thanks a lot.
  6. alex

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    I have used an E3.12 plug in my bike successfully. That's all of the identification that the plug has.
  7. hill climber

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    the E3 is the type of plug the .12 is the model or part#. i use the E3.12 in my mitsu clone and like it fine.