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    El here. i'm looking for some good advice and possibly a friend or two. Just a noob in the motor bicycle world, Been a motorcyclist, musician, skateboarder, snowboarder all around adrenalin junkie (without the chems) for years.

    Salud 10604714_871920159499344_2830550463605916283_o.jpg

  2. Timbone

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    That looks pretty cool! You dwarf that bike!
  3. El Sid

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    Ha! Ya I'm thinking show hangers will help enlarge it. Thanks.
  4. wheelbender6

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    That's a great looking thumper, El Sid. It probably rides pretty good with the long wheelbase afforded by the low rider fork. How did you rig a front brake to the low rider fork?
  5. El Sid

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    The front brake, at the moment is the only brake, has been modified, by using a longer mounting bolt and bushings. I haven't gotten the longer bolt yet so not sure how this will work out for definite. Im suspecting some flex will occur, but hoping stopping will be the end result. Still brainstorming about a rear brake. I have been outta town for the past 10 days. Heading home tonight. Excited to get back on this project. Ill keep ya posted here if your interested.

    Oscar Wilde at customs entering the US. "The only thing I have to claim is my genius."

    Keep it rubber side down. Salud
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    I got the front brake rigged up. I cut a piece of handlebar off and worked into and extension from the bottom of the neck. Also need to buy 155mm reach brake calipers and some spacers so the front caliper would extend out over the wheel. 20141101_131344.jpg 1414282236170.jpg 20141101_131425.jpg 20141101_133713.jpg 20141101_134920.jpg 20141101_134929.jpg 20141101_140453.jpg
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    I have to add, I did put another square spacer on the caliper mounting shaft after i took these pics.
  8. El Sid

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    Apollo Creedo's maiden voyage. Been doing a lot to her since this, but entertaining all the same. enjoy.

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    There's my buddy
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    My very good friend El Sid has planted the seed I'm just curious does anyone know of any dealers in Michigan
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    Lets get these scooters running and head for each other. we'll meet up in Tennessee in about a month. Hahahaha. Good to see ya on here buddy. Lots of cool people with good information. Happy building.:jester: