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    Hi folks! My name is Kevin. I'm a biology teacher from northern Utah who is in the process of becoming a seller of Veloteq electric bikes. It looks like there are forums for eBike enthusiasts, so I thought I might participate. I think the general reasons for driving an electric bike or a motored bike are very similar. I believe the laws are also quite similar in most cases, so we should have things to discuss.

    Veloteq carries 3 models that look like bicycles (I call them pedal assist bikes), and 6 models that look and drive like scooters but meet the federal definition of an electric bicycle (motor size <750 W; 20 mph; functional pedals). I am already running into some questions from law enforcement since they look like motor scooters but do not require registration. . .

    I'm just getting started as a business (my website is currently pathetic), but I'm having tons of fun riding an ebike around town and hope to find others that also enjoy electric bikes. I look forward to learning from you.


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    They had those scooter-style e-bikes here in Aus - the cops here are so thick that they banned them because they couldn't tell them apart from Motorised scooters (I think the lack of exhaust noise and no muffler would have given it away but no...)

    Ostensably it was because the motor was primary rather than assistance. It sent one local retailer broke (ezyride). :p

    But you guys in the US seem a lot more enlightened to alternative transport.
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    Hello Kevin and welcome aboard.

    You gave a good intro, but it felt just a bit "commercial" to me. But I'm not an expert on the vendor rules here, so I could be wrong about that.

    In any case, I'm a bit tempted toward an electric bike. One day I'm sure to give it a try.

    See you around.
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    Well, I wanted to be up front about the fact that I do have a commercial interest, and naturally I think the brand I chose to sell is the best of the scooter-style ebikes. However, I am not here simply to promote a specific brand. I realize this is an international site, and I can only sell in Utah anyway. I am mainly just trying to learn more about people's overall experience on motorized bikes. I am really quite new to all of this and plan on learning a lot more than I am able to contribute.

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    Well, I'm not so sure. I spent a LONG time today talking with Utah State University campus police, and I would not describe it as a very uplifting experience. They were convinced that in Utah an "Electric Assisted Bicycle" has the same limitations as a "Motor Assisted Scooter." Namely, they claimed I could not drive it on any road posted more than 25 mph!! At another point they said "As long as you were just pedaling and not using the motor you could take it on any road." Hmmm. . . pedaling only on this heavy bike gets me up to about 5 mph. I had an equally fun time talking with the campus parking authorities. They told me that since it had a motor it could not go on walkways and could not be parked in bike racks. They said it would need a motorcycle parking permit. When I asked about getting one they said it first needed to be registered with the state. When I explained that ebikes don't need to be registered I was told that I could therefore not park it in motorcycle parking either.

    So the police telling me I cannot drive it anywhere and the parking people telling me I cannot park it anywhere. I know in California you don't need a license or registration, and I know the federal law says it should be treated as a bicycle, but for the moment it looks like I'm going to have some educational struggles with the authorities in Utah.

    I have always thought Australia was way ahead of the U.S. in terms of environmental responsibility and progressive thinking. I lived there for a year in high school (Adelaide, as an exchange student) and have been back twice--what a great country! But I do remember that the driving regulations are quite a bit stricter than here.

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    From what I learn from our Australian members this 'pro-environment' attitude does not extend to MB's.They seem to be doing their level best to legislate them out of existence in Canberra.
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    I've had the impression that Australian law is not MB friendly, too. A pity.

    I don't really know, but I have a feeling that those campus police didn't really know what they were talking about. But they were quick (like so many others) to say "No!".