electric bikes in Australia



I want to make one of my bikes into a ebike. I want it to go atleast 45km/h (27mph)

The problem is that the kits are so **** heavy! It is going to cost me $500USD just to post it from overseas.

Does anyone know any local suppliers?

Also, is it the battery that takes up the majority of the weight? perhapes i could get everything imported and get the battery locally.
Purpose built electric kits cost a fortune (compared to combustion engine kits). Here is a local supplier: http://www.users.bigpond.com/solarbbq/bikesale/bsale.htm

I'm thinking of making a rough e-bike from parts from oatley electronics in sydney.

If this doesnt satisfy me Im lucky enough to have chinese parents going back to china soon and hopefully get a e-wheel back for extremely cheap.

Ive heard those chinese kit engines cost only around $30AU in china(they cost $180 AU here), I hope its the same for the electrics.
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I have 2 friends in china now.

so hopefully they can find it for me.

i already have 2 gas bicycles. I want a more subtle bike to get around on.
I live in USA but when I was searching "hub motor" on google most of the sites were in Australia... It was hard to find a USA site (I didn't save the links though) I would think you can find one easily ?

Hope that helps, good luck